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A+Plus Window Cleaning

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Residential window cleaning

Residential window cleaning

A+Plus Professional Residential window cleaning 

Cleaning windows is time consuming, and for the average home owner, there is not enough time to do everything you need to do. It can also be dangerous for the average person to climb high ladders. Thats where we come in! 

Besides the obvious, Your house is a major investment and so are your windows. Glass can be damaged from many natural sources and weathering can permanently leave stains on your glass and can be very difficult if not impossible to remove if left untreated. 

Regular window cleanings can ensure that your windows are kept clear and free from degradation and weathering.

Cleaning your windows:

We use eco-safe solutions to clean your windows so your pets and plants are safe. We care about your home as if it were our own and we wear shoe covers to protect your floors and carpeting. We also use drop cloth's when working inside your home to keep your floors safe and protected.

We recommend annual cleanings twice a year, Spring and Fall. This is the most widely used frequency. We offer interior and exterior window cleaning and screens (for a small additional fee).